Video: Former J&J Employee Sues Company After Wife Dies of Ovarian Cancer


Lynne and Dave Martz were married for 47 years.  They raised two daughters together and had two granddaughters.

They were both retired  Johnson & Johnson employees – Dave was a Director of Human Resources for 20 years and Lynne was a Financial Analyst for 15.

Lynne was adored by all who knew her, and she was a best friend to Dave and their two daughters. Prior to being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she was in excellent health.  Lynne and Dave   were determined to find answers. Then they began seeing articles about the cancer-causing properties of talc, and it clicked. Lynne had used J&J baby powder since she was a newborn and throughout her entire life.

Lynne fought hard for three -and -a- half years until she lost her battle to cancer in December 2019. When she passed away, Dave was devastated, and he is still struggling to learn to live without his best friend.

Lynne and Dave were fortunate to have insurance that covered her more than  $2.25 million in medical bills, but for many, that is not the case.

When Dave heard that J & J was considering filing for bankruptcy to avoid accountability for the suffering and deaths of so many women like Lynne, he was deeply disturbed and disappointed in the company to which he and Lynne devoted so much of their careers. Bankruptcy laws are designed to help companies that are unable to pay their debts and are in severe financial distress – not companies like J&J that are hugely profitable – J&J is valued at more than $400 billion. Dave is urging J&J to take responsibility for its actions, “Step up and take responsibility for what’s occurred, so more women do not have to suffer through this.  And those of us who have already experienced the pain and loss of loved ones can put some closure behind us.”

Watch the entire video of Dave and Lynne’s story.




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