About Talcum Powder

What is Talc?

Talc is a mineral that is composed of different elements, mainly magnesium, silicon and oxygen. Asbestos, a dangerous substance known to cause cancer, can also be found in talc naturally.

When crushed, talc becomes talcum powder, a household item sold primarily to absorb moisture while reducing friction.

What is talcum powder? Get the facts.

Talcum powder fibers

can take many years to fully dissipate inside the body.

Which Products Contain Talc?

Dry Shampoo
Laundry Soaps
Baby Powder
Arts and Crafts Products

How Talc Can Cause Ovarian Cancer

Women who used baby powder as part of their feminine hygiene routine may have talc particles in their ovarian tissues. Talc particles can remain in the body for years, even after talcum powder use is discontinued. The particles can cause inflammation in the ovaries that allows cancer cells to form, grow and spread.

“We the talc industry, dodged a bullet … Time to come up with more confusion!”– Industry Executive

Science links talcum powder use and ovarian cancer.

Every year in the United States there’s been between 21 and 22,000 new cases of ovarian cancer and about 15,000 women per year die from this disease.

Talcum Powder Facts

1 in 5 women

routinely use talcum powder products like baby powder for feminine hygiene purposes.

African-American women

are more likely to use talc regularly.

Talcum powder has been banned

from condoms and medical gloves, and pediatricians no longer encourage parents to use baby powder made with talc on infants due to adverse health effects.

If talc is inhaled

it can cause acute to chronic lung irritation known as “talcosis”.

Popular Talcum Powder Brands

Some brands offer corn starch varieties of their products.
Be sure to check the ingredients.

Johnson & Johnson's Baby Powder

Clubman Pinaud Talc

Nivea Pure Talc

Gold Bond Medicated Powder

Shower to Shower

McKesson Baby Powder