Brittany Pride for #tossthetalc

Time for a little chat! Brew yourself a cup of coffee & get comfy.

Ladies… let’s get real for a second. Do you know what is going into your body? I’m not just talking about food. Literally, everything that touches your skin is being absorbed into your system and effecting you in either a positive or negative way!⠀

If you haven’t already, check out the @truthabouttalc. ( sponsored ) #Talc is in most baby powders and lots of other beauty products. And there are more than 35 research studies linking genital talc use to ovarian cancer. WHAT?! How is this allowed in our products??? Something needs to change, and it starts with you & me.⠀

As a mom of daughters, I’m honestly appalled by the #toxicbeauty products that are on the shelves of every store I go to. Being marketed directly to women. This makes living a clean, #nontoxic lifestyle so hard. I honestly worry about my girls growing up in this world!⠀

My biggest advice is to READ your labels. Know what to look for. Do your research. Boycott brands like Johnson & Johnson. Be aware of what you are consuming! I’m in no way perfect with this but as I’ve learned more over the years i have made better choices. Knowledge IS power! It allows us to protect ourselves & our families from these toxic ingredients like talc! Let’s make choices that will heal and not harm us. Take charge of your health babes! If you’re ready to do something today… click the link in my bio and sign the petition! #tossthetalc

Do you feel overwhelmed by finding non-toxic products for yourself or your family? If so, I feel you! But I want to help! Drop any questions below and i will try to point you in the right direction.